"Bewilderland opens with what sounds like the morning chorus in a small town before string arrangements and keyboards gently but persuasively build into an atmospheric soundtrack to some contemporary video artwork. Welcome to the engaging, surprising, occasionally exhilarating and sometimes beautiful world (especially the title track) of Midwich Assembly.

Just when you think you've pegged their music - neo prog with elements of Pink Floyd meets Coldplay, they throw in a surprise with the insistent 80s-style rocker 'Stranger Than', or offer grandiose, gothic-tinged rock reminiscent of The Damned at their most commercial.

It's this willingness to experiment and a consistent ability to offer unexpected musical twists and turns, both intriguing and enchanting (the acoustic guitar-led 'Another Glorious Day' for example) that suggests the Yorkshire-based five piece could perhaps be on the cusp of something magnificent.

Bewilderland, as the first chapter in their musical adventures, is both bold and invigorating - a thing of wonder."
  R2 magazine.


& other highlights from reviews of the debut album...


"Well paced, well played, beautifully arranged. This album may be a barrel of feathers. But they're peacock feathers."  Fireworks Magazine.

"Midwich Assembly – not easy to pigeonhole and pretty unique." Total Music Magazine.

"Very atmospheric, very laid back music very much for a time and a mood."  Uberrock.

"Midwich Assembly are definitely a band full of stars."  metal-discovery.com.

"Tunes like 'The Morning Sounds Under Hushed Skies', 'Astronomer Royal' and 'Another Glorious Day' should have no problem finding a friendly, loving home."  the-rocker.co.uk.