After a long hiatus, there has been of late a flow of creativity within the Midwich camp, meaning that the follow-up album to 'Bewilderland' is now much closer to completion.  A whole new selection of songs and instrumentals are now fully written, having been developed by David at his home in the South Pennines.  The album has reached the stage of the recording where guitars and vocals are being done; after this the album will then be mixed and mastered by Paul, the band's guitarist and producer.  The gap in time between the two albums has proven to be longer than originally expected due to rather overwhelming events happening, namely the after effects of a devastating flood in David's adopted hometown, and for him, the seismic shift of emotions when two friends passed away over a single weekend.  "At that moment in time I felt the need to retreat for a while", he states, "in order for me to find strength and recover a sense of determination to begin to write once more.  The healing took far longer than I ever imagined, but from from this reflective period I feel that the writing emerged from a deeper place, and I hope that this new album will be able to illustrate that".  The final choice of tracks and running order for this next album will soon be decided, and then the group will be ready to announce its title and release it to the world.
We are already well into the New Year, reaching Easter in fact, and the band prevail upon your patience a little more, as they continue with the development of the next album.  This second album is evolving in a similar fashion to the debut, in that the majority of the music and lyrics are chiefly initiated by David and then are presented to guitarist/producer Paul as fairly polished demos.  This is when the remainder of the band become more involved, and add their respective talents to the chosen tracks.  Of late, new pieces have emerged, which naturally extends the choice of material available for the new album.  We can say that there's a mixture of darkness, beauty, anger in the face of betrayal and injustice, and sheer wonderment revealed in the tracks so far, so we hope you'll find the wait truly worthwhile.  Best regards, as ever from Midwich Assembly.

Spring 2014.  Well, April has been ushered in, and the group want to wish you a continued welcome.  There's been a bit of hush in the Midwich world for some while, whilst work has being going on quietly out of view, on the selection of material for the next album.  David and Paul met recently in order to discuss the recordings, and to mull over some revised versions of tracks already submitted.  Paul, wearing his producer's cap, gave a positive report of hearing new/revised tracks, so all's good there. After this slightly extended hibernation, the group hope that the musical progression will be fully evidenced, and worth the wait!

After a little measured silence and some time out to work on other projects, the group are steadily builidng a collection of tracks for the second album.  There'll be a meet-up soon, in which all the demos will be assessed, in order to make the perfect selection, and the album's sequence will be considered. It's evident that there's been a move forward in their music, and there are some splendid melodies surfacing.  More news soon.

Snow has settled on Bewilderland, and has added a certain grace to the landscape.  Things appear suspended in a frost-bound time, thoughts turn inwards, and we seek the comfort of warm interiors.  Meanwhile the group continue to develop new music for the next full-length album.

And so we welcome in 2013.  We'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year, and hope that these next 12 months will usher in rare, wonderful and exciting events.  All the very best from Midwich Assembly.

Tonight (Sunday 4 November), just after 7pm UK time, the Netherlands-based Paperlate Radioshow will be scheduling two tracks from 'Bewilderland' in the running order of the programme.  Many thanks to DJ André Steijns for the inclusion.

The group have just been informed that there's an excellent album review in the new edition of  Fireworks magazine (Nov/Dec).  Many thanks go to Steve Swift for this superb and evocative write up.  

As mentioned before, the new edition of the national music magazine, 'Prog' feautres the group in their 'Limelight' section.  This latest edtion is now available to purchase.  It's an excellent feature too - many thanks go to journalist Natasha Scharf and the editor of the magazine, Jerry Ewing.

Many thanks to Shaun Geraghty, from Stafford Radio, for playlisting the group on his regular Sunday evening show.    His support and fantastic comments on the album were really appreciated.  Shaun has promised to play more tracks from 'Bewilderland' on future shows.

A very interesting development happened this week, in that David from the group was interviewed by Classic Rock magazine journalist Natasha Scharf, for a feature in the next 'Prog' edition of the magazine.   When the edition comes out, it'll be announced here.

An inspiring listen - John Wyndham's novel 'The Chrysalids' has just been serialised on the BBC.  It's well worth taking a listen to this first episode.  The concluding episode will be broadcast this first weekend of August.

Latest news reveals that the group are presently being represented by Frontier Promotions, with the intention of getting the debut album more airplay and raising the group's profile, whilst they prepare for the recording of more new songs and instrumental tracks.

The group would like to announce that they will be releasing their first single on 30 April.  This will be the song 'Everything Has To Happen', from the debut album.  Also featured on the single will be two new unreleased instrumentals - 'Despite Gravity, Light As Air' and 'In The Arms Of An Unarmed Man'.  The single will be available to buy online from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.

Thanks to the music magazine 'R2', editor Sean McGhee, and especially reviewer Steve Caseman, for inclusion in this latest edition (issue no. 32).  Steve has given the group a 4-star album review.  Please find the full review below, thanks to the kind permission of the magazine.

"Bewilderland opens with what sounds like the morning chorus in a small town before string arrangements and keyboards gently but persuasively build into an atmospheric soundtrack to some contemporary video artwork. Welcome to the engaging, surprising, occasionally exhilarating and sometimes beautiful world (especially the title track) of Midwich Assembly.

Just when you think you've pegged their music - neo prog with elements of Pink Floyd meets Coldplay, they throw in a surprise with the insistent 80s-style rocker 'Stranger Than', or offer grandiose, gothic-tinged rock reminiscent of The Damned at their most commercial.

It's this willingness to experiment and a consistent ability to offer unexpected musical twists and turns, both intriguing and enchanting (the acoustic guitar-led 'Another Glorious Day' for example) that suggests the Yorkshire-based five piece could perhaps be on the cusp of something magnificent.

Bewilderland, as the first chapter in their musical adventures, is both bold and invigorating - a thing of wonder."

There's a new look to the website - the group hope that you like it.  In a constant state of flux, it'll continue to develop, and amass more information and media-related items for your delectation.  Come back soon!
One month from now the group will be featuring in the bi-monthly music magazine 'R2'.  With a significant readership already established the group will have the potential to reach far more people in the near future.  A song, selected from the debut album will be included on a cover-mounted CD.  The group await 12 March with excitement!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!  Let's usher in 2012 with bright hopes for a positive, significant and highly memorable year.  Here's to all of you who've supported the group so far, and to all those new to the group - a heartfelt welcome.  Come and be a part of the assembly!

Today (Friday 16 December) is significant for us, as we officially launch the debut album to the world! 'Bewilderland' is now available to purchase via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp & CD Baby (in the US). Please add your support - we want to make 2012 a very impressive year. Thanks to all who've supported us thus far. Midwich Assembly (Tim, Chris, Dave, Paul & David).

Tonight (10 December) the group will play a debut album launch concert, as an intimate performance back at the first venue they ever played - The Tudor House in Wigan. Supports will come from Bob Kettle and Dave Parkinson.  It would be superb if you could be there to make it a special evening.

The group now have a presence on Youtube, with their own video channel!  If you go to the Links page, you can click to be taken there.  Filming and editing courtesy of the very fine Carl Letman, with thanks.  The trailer was made by David A.

A performance has now been confirmed back at The Tudor House, Wigan on Saturday 10 December, with the excellent songwriters Bob Kettle and Dave Parkinson as guest supports.  This'll be an opportunity to hear some of the newest material from the group, written after the album was recorded.  Come along and say hello.

The album is here!  From today, 1 November, you can listen to the full album prior to its official release. This will be for a limited time, up to when the album goes on sale.  We advocate listening to the whole thing in one sitting.  Enjoy!!

More new music from the forthcoming album!  Go to the 'Music' section of the site to hear 6 tracks, in the sequence that the album follows.  And from 1 November, for a limited time, we'll audition the whole album for you to listen to.

A couple of subtle changes to the site today.  You'll now find a new song from the debut album up on the music player.  It's a track called 'And Then The Summer', and illustrates a different musical facet to the group.  We've also included the title piece from the album as well - one of two 'intervals' amongst the eleven tracks that make up 'Bewilderland'.  Come back soon!

Champagne to toast the debut album!  The group met up last night, to listen to the finished album.  We're proud of the achievement.  It's an excellent companion to this season of Autumn, in that it's rich in diverse tones and aural colours.  Our plan was to unveil an album that was mature, varied, intelligent - we believe we've achieved that aim.  A strike against the idiocracy of the karaoke generation and force-fed reality programme addicts, who seem to strive for nothing beyond banality and safe musical choices.  We really hope you'll want to spend 47 minutes of your precious time soon, in the company of 'Bewilderland'!

Monday 26th September - We have the delight to inform you that our album is complete! The group will be gathering tomorrow, to celebrate this event. So, onto the cover art/art direction/promotional duties. We'll announce relevant details soon. Have a fine day.

The 1st of September, and the 'littleSELF' album has emerged as an official release.  It can now be bought on the iTunes store, the amazon mp3 store and care of the American website listed below.  The full album title is 'Otherwhere, or the last day of littleSELF'
The group are very happy to report that the mini-album, 'littleSELF' will have an imminent release, via Dead Fly Recordings.  The release date is scheduled for 1 September, and should be available initiallly as a download, through iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby.  Just prior to this release, the new album 'Redemption', by Paul from the group, and the excellent Geoff Peach will also be available through the same label, on 25 August.

A really excellent night was had by the group on 28 July, at the Trades Club in Hebden Bridge.  It was superb to see old friends and new at the performance, and the concert was added to by our friend and support - A. D. Cooke,  and the superb assistance of Carl Letman, David Kennedy and Gilly Lewistone.  Thanks also to Jason, Mal, and all the staff at the Trades Club.  The whole event was filmed, and so we await the results with eager anticipation!

The group really enjoyed being part of the Imploding Inevitable Festival on 11 June.  The set consisted of 7 tracks, and the natural amphitheatre location only helped to add to the atmosphere.  Thanks to the promoters for having us there.

The group enjoyed their best performance yet at the recent 'Words' festival appearance.  With an extended set (including the whole of 'littleSELF' for the first time), and a new song, 'Everything Has To Happen' closing the show.  From comments and feedback afterwards, it seemed clear that it was enjoyed not just by the group themselves.  Great to make new friends!

Rehearsals have started again for the performance on 28 April, with an evolution in the sound of the group quite apparent.  New tracks are being given a final sheen before their first public airing.

The music project, 'littleSELF' will very soon be featured in two consecutive podcasts, courtesy of Nervous Tension.  The April edition of the podcast is now online and available to download.  You can also access it if you search in 'Podcasts' on the iTunes Store.  Go and check it out.

The group are very happy to have been booked to play at the 'Imploding Inevitable Festival' at Fell Foot Wood, Newby Bridge, in the Lake District.  On stage on the afternoon of Saturday 11 June.  We look forward to seeing you in this lovely and inspiring environment.

Midwich Assembly announce they are to perform at the forthcoming 'Words' Arts Festival at the Tudor House Hotel in Wigan.  They are scheduled to play on Thursday 28 April, thus ushering in a long bank holiday weekend!