Midwich Assembly formed when group founder David Atherton was invited to perform at an arts festival event, in order to deliver a live interpretation of an existing spoken word & music project, named 'littleSELF'.  From this inception, the group took on a full line-up of five members, Chris Atherton, David AthertonPaul Bibby, Dave Parkinson, and Tim Hans Smith.  Within 3 weeks of forming they had played their first concert, and began to map out a series of recordings, which quickly took shape.  Many of these recordings were realised as the group's debut album, 'Bewilderland', and was released to very favourable reviews in various music publications.  The group played a number of concerts and select festival dates in support of the album.  After some time the group reduced their line-up to the three core members, Chris, David and Paul. With renewed focus they have worked on the next album, which is now entirely written, and here, at the beginning of Autumn 2017, is close to being completely recorded.  This second album will once again be produced by the group's guitarist and joint arranger, Paul.

The group's sound has developed from its initial diverse blend of ambient, electronica and alternative rock, merged with spoken word and field recordings, and has continued to evolve and distil eclectic influences into the group's soundworld. Using a starting point of electronic backdrops and melodies, the band have quickly progressed.  The second album has moved on from the flourishing roots of its predecessor, with an even more ambitious sound and scale, and with songs that delve at times into more heartfelt subject matter.

You might be wondering about the name of the group?...Inspiration came initially from the novel, 'The Midwich Cuckoos', by English author John Wyndham.  To have taken the full title of the book seemed a little obvious, and so the group used just an element of the title.  Come join the assembly...

Photos and manipulated images on this website are by David from the group, album ad. is by Ian M. Hazeldine and illustrations are by Louise at Art&Ghosts.